When we come together in sacred space, to tell the stories held in our flesh and bones,
and to listen to each other with open hearts, healing happens.

Bare Bones Writing creates more intimacy with ourselves and each other. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, Bare Bones is for you and your group!

      Do you long to have a more authentic relationship with yourself and other people?

      Do you long for more openness and "realness" in your workplace?

      Do you long to let out your creative side with people you know?

      Do you want more intimacy in your life?

Then Bare Bones Writing is a way to create that authenticity in your own life and in your relationships. It is a practice that shows us we are not alone with our fears, hopes and desires. It connects us to our humanity and fosters compassion with each other.

What is it we do in Bare Bones?

Bare Bones Writing is about digging down and into ourselves and discovering the stories we have in our bones, flesh & blood.

It is about community, connecting, being seen and heard, sometimes for the first time, with tender and vulnerable material.

It is about owning our voice, owning the dis-owned parts of ourselves that we’ve pushed away as if inappropriate, or unlove-able.

It is a chance to unleash the writer within and to find your own rhythm in words.


Bare Bones Writing gives you a safe and sacred way to play with words, and the modality of writing. It is a place to begin to trust

your voice and to silence the inner critic. We write from prompts, often jumping off a line from a poem and we write fast and

furiously, keeping the pen moving at all times to sprint past the inner critic. Then we read aloud to one another. Each of us thinking

“oh, no, I can’t read THAT to anyone.” Yet we do. We push through the fear and we are seen and heard by the group, who then

offers a word or a phrase back to the writer.

Simple in form, yet powerful in opening the spirit of who we are, Bare Bones is a sacred practice that helps us know ourselves and helps us develop our own voice in the world. Perfect for the explorer, seeker, novice or seasoned writer.


Praise for Bare Bones

Diane's guided approach to writing was challenging, thought provoking and fueled by creativity and passion. She provided a safe and nurturing environment that allowed me to grow as a writer and as a human being. Bare Bones was raw, inspiring and transformative both intellectually and spiritually. Truly an experience I will never forget!
- Greg Rogers 2016

Diane's Bare Bone writing course is such a soulful experience. She cultivates a sense of safety and empowerment---guiding us gently to get in touch with our most inner expressions, vulnerabilities, callings and true essence. I truly feel that people who write regularly or have never written before will benefit from the healing power of committing to their inner most thoughts without fear or judgement. It offers an opportunity to take one step closer to self-awareness, self-empowerment, and self-transformation.
- Sam Werme Karorero 2016

I was very happy when Diane opened her Bare Bones workshop to Men. Diane has a way of creating a safe, confidential, welcoming space in which you just feel OK to be who you are. The writing exercises are very powerful; Diane is skillful in guiding you – regardless of your writing ability or practice – directly into contact with the subconscious. The benefits of Bare Bones are noticeable in the days and weeks following the practice. Something shifts – subtle, but potent. I highly recommend it!
- Erez O. Batat, 2016

Bare Bones is the foundation that allows one to see their soul on paper. The power of writing in a small collective using the unconscious mind is life altering. The poetry and prompts are deep yet profoundly simple. There is truly not an ounce of time to ‘think.’ Only to write. This non-stop, pen to paper is where the magic begins.
- Frankie Browning, 2019 

For years, I have had words locked inside my head that weren’t able to come out. Through working with Diane, I was able to help unlock the words from my brain and allow myself to jump outside of my personal journal and into a more “ public” forum. I came into this with a fear of video cameras and reading my writing to others; I’m coming out on the other end fearing neither. Diane gives us a safe space to interact with others in a creative way, even an entire country apart. It’s been amazing. Diane is a most creative human, and her course allows others to learn to let go of fear, give into the creative flow and let the words out – sometimes words you didn’t even know were looking to escape. It’s a beautiful and transformative process.
- Marion Deschenes, Canada 2019

When & Where?

ONLINE: Bare Bones has gone online using the Video Conferencing platform called ZOOM. It’s free to download at https://zoom.us/ We meet, live, at a set time from all around the world.

IN YOUR HOME: The beauty of online is that we meet in TIME, in your own home. It’s super convenient and easy.

SESSION: Wednesdays, 9:30 - 11:30 am, (Pacific Time) starts April 10 (8 weeks)


REGISTER NOW: Only 6 spots available. (click below to register)