Lessons from Mom!

Mom and Me!

As we arrive at the doorstep of the holidays, I want to share some gratitude for my mother and some of the life lessons she’s taught me just by being herself. She has inspired me in so many ways, but here are a couple of the most powerful ways she’s influenced me.

My Mom is one of those positive people with a cheery attitude. She lets things roll off her back and doesn’t take things too personally – which is something I continue to learn from her. She takes things at face value and doesn’t get caught up in other peoples’ drama.

She’s also someone who really cares for her corner of the world by getting involved, listening for the needs of the community and for answering the call of what is needed. She’s the one who will show up with dinner for her sick friend, send a card or call someone who is feeling down, and she’s always up for gathering people together to celebrate life’s passages.

I am so grateful to her for all of the ways she enlivens my life as well as the lives of those she touches.

As we arrive at the holidays, I take my lessons from her –
show up and participate where you are
listen for the needs of community and answer the call
don’t take things personally
oh, and throw in a touch of celebration to make life fun!

Thanks Mom for this great recipe for life! I love you!!