Spring is My Teacher!

Poppies on the Bluff

Poppies on the Bluff

Spring is my teacher with her wafting scents of jasmine, rose and lilac. She teaches me to pause, to stand in my tracks and linger for a moment or two or three. She reminds me that there is no need to rush. Rushing only has me miss this moment, and her perfume will be gone if I don’t enjoy it now.

Her beauty is beyond what I can conjure – the budding blooms of her fair maidens – Rose, Lilac, Dogwood, Poppies, Peonies….to name only a few. If I rush past her glorious gifts it is truly my loss.

Yes, Spring, is my teacher. Without demand she offers up herself - her beauty, her majesty, her strength. She doesn’t care if I take note. It is up to me to pay attention and see her.

I’m so grateful I opened my eyes this Spring! Even wider!