She Let Go

By Diane Sherman
This blog piece is inspired by the poem She Let Go by Rev. Safire Rose

Awakening Series: Letting Go

Awakening Series: Letting Go

She let go of all of the rickety places in her heart that were keeping her from living her fullest life – those tiny little packages of neatly wrapped hatred and resentment, feelings of envy and betrayal, jealousies that had fancy pink bows perched on their heads.

She let go of all of that.

She let go of thinking she was not enough and just decided one day that all of these tidy packages, so beautifully wrapped and preserved that she’d been storing in her trunk were no longer serving her or the world.

It was time.

Time to lighten the load and to relax her belly full of anxiety, release her jaw muscles from their protective stance and soften her heart and take down the shields.

It was time to forgive.


And the others.

Nothing anyone had EVER done to her was personal, and if it had been personal, and if it had been directed at her she was merely the trigger for those people. Today she got it – that any time she was a trigger to someone which sparked their anger, jealousy, or envy, their feelings were not personal!  Their feelings simply reflected their inner world to THEM. In fact, it was a gift for them to feel those feelings and let them go, if they chose to. Or they could chose to stuff them back inside.

She got busy!

She cleaned out the bile in her trunk of lingering betrayals, raw resentments and eye-splitting envy. She cleared out the anger that life hadn’t worked out the way she had hoped, let go of the dripping comparisons that usually landed her in the seat that said “I am not enough” just as I am.

“No” she said to her limiting beliefs. Instead, she chose to remind herself,  “I am perfect just the way I am and the world needs me to be me!”

She let go of the idea that she can’t achieve enlightenment now, that she has to work harder, do more, go more places, or study more.

She let go.

She let go until she was surfing in the flow of life’s stream, fully supported by what really makes life tick – the awareness of consciousness itself.

She let go of the stories about her life that held her back.

She let go of those packages, threw away the trunk and opened the door to her inner garden so she could focus on her own blooming.