Dog Walk Diaries #4: Doing Something for No Reason

Last night I discovered something – which I’ll get to in a bit. But suffice it to say, the summary of that discovery is that as an adult I noticed that I rarely do anything for “no reason.”


Kids do things for no reason ALL the time. It’s called PLAY.

Perhaps it’s simply a sad commentary on me and not adults in general, but if I were to wager a bet, I would bet that not too many adults are doing things for no reason because they feel like they don’t have time.

Well, I discovered a form of play last night that had me squirming in my seat I was so happy.

So, now I can hardly wait to get back to my activity that has no purpose.

On my walk today, I pondered this concept of “doing something for no reason.” I watched my dogs as they bounded through the woods where winter white snow has given way to slushy, boggy marsh land full of puddles and mud and oh-so-much to sniff if you’re a dog. They ran from tree log to tree stump, through the wet grasses, sniffing everything they could, only to pause if they heard a sound.

From my human point of view, they seemed ecstatic to be out, and running around with no purpose or reason.

So, this thing I discovered last night, this fun with-no-purpose-activity is….


Yes!! Scribbling.

I have a new I-pad with an Apple pencil to draw with. In truth, I couldn’t quite connect to it until I started scribbling. And then – WOW – it was like a torrent of FUN just tumbled out onto the page. I dropped into a trance making marks for no purpose other than to feel the movement and energy I was laying down on the page by scribbling.

Kids scribble. Have you seen them? They have so much ENERGY when they’re scribbling because it’s FUN. There’s no time or space for the inner critic to shout on a megaphone “that’s no good,” because it’s NOT SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD. It’s supposed to be FUN.

scribble 1.jpg

And it is! IT was. When I scribble fast and furiously, there is nothing else. There is only the energy coming out as a mark on the page. It’s a trance state, as we adults would say.

What I also found is a deep sense of inner relaxation that I didn’t have to perform, or try to be good at something. I was intentionally making a mess, making marks and watching what happened with no sense of expectation that this thing I was working on should “look” any which way. In short, it felt relaxing! I felt my whole being relaxe. In truth, I began my project calling it “Scribble Therapy,” and that’s exactly how it felt!

I can’t wait to get back to scribbling!

So, join me, get out your pen and paper, or your iPad Pro and try it out. It’s a blast! I dare you!!