Dog Walk Diaries #2 Taking the Next Step

The only reason we fail at anything is because we don’t take the next step.

I’m often reminded of this very simple truth on my dog walks – when I’m tired and trudging through the snow and I want to bail on my walk. I get that I have no choice if I’m going to make it to the cozy fire awaiting me.

And so it is in life! Gotta take that next step – to write the book, paint the painting, teach the workshop, whatever it is I’m doing.

Of late, I’ve noticed an uninvited guest has shown up at my life party and her name is….

drum roll please….


She’s an uptight guest full of criticisms spewing out through pursed lips. She finger points and is a total naysayer reminding me of all of my shortcomings and why the painting doesn’t work, or why the book idea won’t fly, or better yet, reminding me that if some of these things don’t fly I might end up homeless, under a bridge with no health insurance and want to jump in the river like George Bailey.

She spoils the party and has me contract into a conundrum of doubts. She tells me to look at the evidence – “see, you haven’t made it big yet! Why do you think you will now? And do you REALLY think this idea’s going to be the one?” She’s the one who never shows up to do her work, rather, spending her time going from one person’s party to another criticizing their work, their efforts and their character to feel better about herself.

Well, you’re no longer invited Miss FEAR. Go back to where you came from! I AM doing my work. I will take all of the next steps despite your miserable, sniveling, finger pointing commentary and I will bring joy to the world with the Divine gifts I’ve been given.

So take a hike and go back to your own party and work on your own projects!

Here's one of my "next steps" - finished this piece!

Here's one of my "next steps" - finished this piece!