Post India Re-Entry Lesson #1: I am from Star Fabric

I am from star fabric.
I am a blaze, a spark that can light a wildfire.
I move through night skies illuminating the darkness.
I am hot and fiery and wild as wild goes.

I cannot be contained or I will burn down the house.
I am a streak blazing to light the way.
I am stardust to sprinkle in your/my eyes to ignite magic vision.

I am light.
I am here to ignite!
Here to breathe the breath of God herself into you.
Into me.
Into humanity.

I am movement.
I am always in a new form, so keep your eyes open, because I will change.
I am here to help you/me stay awake.
I am here to burn through the piles of crap we/I call excuses.
I am here to clear that shit out so you/I can soar.

I am here to inspire.
I am light.
I am fire.
I am a blaze.
So watch out, I will burn through and clear you/me out and there will be no stopping,

Until we are free.