Engine Lesson. Or Not!

IMG_3879 2.JPG

I’m sitting in the cushy leather chairs at Europro, the mechanic place that's taking a gander at Van Go before I hit the road.

When I called to make the appointment, I asked to have a lesson with one of their mechanics about how the engine works, what I need to take on the road, how to change the oil etc. I wanted to get some grease on me so I made sure that I knew how to change the oil and take care of the Van if/when it breaks down.

I’ve heard so any stories of the VW Van breakdowns.

No, I thought. I will be prepared. I will know what to do in the event of some roadside challenge.

When I came in this morning, Sven, one of the mechanics, took me outside, lifted up the lid of the the engine and casually “walked” me through things I need to know.

Now mind you, I came with my GoPro ready to film him going over every detail of the engine and giving me the Master’s thesis on VW Vans.

Instead, here’s what I got:

“Ok here’s your oil stick. You need to make sure the oil is between these two marks,” he pointed out. Yeah, that one I already have.

“Here are your spark plugs, but those need to be changed every 40,000 miles. So you’re probably good to go. And your Van is an air system, not the water system. So you really don’t need to know much. Here are some of the fuses.” He continued in a very casual way.

“Hmmmmm. OK, is that it?” I wondered. Maybe he doesn’t want to spend the time with me. Maybe he doesn’t understand that I want the Masters Thesis.

I let go of thinking Sven is going to be my teacher today and instead reassure myself with happy thoughts that I have Tripple A and and extra USAA Road side help.

I will practice at home and read the manual called “How to Keep Your Van Alive,” that Felix left me when I bought it from him.

After all, last night was my power tool initiation – I learned to use a router, which chamfers the edge of wood. And if you don’t know what that means, neither did I until last night. You know those nice rounded or beveled edges you see on a table, or a shelf, well, that’s made with a router, and it’s called chamfering.

If I can chamfer the cabinets, I know I can change the oil and learn to change a tire!

I’m still waiting to get Van Go back with the oil all ready to go. I think I’ll shop online and do something in my comfort zone!