The Gift of Time

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I’m standing at the pharmacy counter in San Miguel de Allende, asking for directions in Spanish to Belles Artes when the other woman on my side of the counter approaches.

“Are you American?”
“Do you have a moment you can spare?”

I assess my personal agenda in a nano-second  for the last day I’m in town.

“Yes, I can.”

I can see the relief on her face when I say yes.

“And you speak Spanish?”

She launches into her dilemma – she can’t get through to America on her cell phone. Her daughter, actress in Mexico City, who’s been there 22 years has set her up with a phone. She needs to find At&T. She’s got a plan. It should work. The download of information comes in rapid fire.

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“First things first, let’s find AT&T,” I say.
She sighs. “OK.”

We wander the street we’re on. It’s supposed to be close. I pop in and out of stores asking, “Donde esta AT&T?”

Multitudes of answers come. Just up the street.

We find our destination and I spring into action.
Questions are asked.
Responses given.
Money paid.
Sighs released in frustration.

After a good ½ an hour of sorting through the confusion, paying more money, and getting her cell phone number sorted out, Sandi makes her call to the United States.

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“I’m never letting you go.” She says, a wide smile shining out from underneath her broad brimmed hat.

“My pleasure,” with the utmost sincerity.

I’m relaxed. Like this is my purpose for having gone into the pharmacy – to help sort out the confusion for Sandi.

She beams. She’s connected now.

It’s now been an hour since I met her in the pharmacy. I have the afternoon to go see the last sights and shop for a few items. And yet this diversion from my own “plans” feels like the most important thing I will do today.

Sandi and I hug, we exchange phone numbers and emails. She invites me to her farm in upstate New York.

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The whole encounter wakes me up to how the gift of time and attention are more valuable than anything else I could give anyone.

As the heaviest shopping time of the year approaches, I’ve decided to take this lesson to heart and put it into practice.

I will give the gift of time….by either spending time with people, doing something with them, or making them a hand-made gift.

As I leave Sandi, she pops into a shop where she’s spotted a pair of pants she fancies. As I walk down the cobble stone streets, my heart feels fuller than it did before I’d bumped into her.

Thank you, Sandi! Happiest of holy-days to you!

Lessons from Mom!

Mom and Me!

As we arrive at the doorstep of the holidays, I want to share some gratitude for my mother and some of the life lessons she’s taught me just by being herself. She has inspired me in so many ways, but here are a couple of the most powerful ways she’s influenced me.

My Mom is one of those positive people with a cheery attitude. She lets things roll off her back and doesn’t take things too personally – which is something I continue to learn from her. She takes things at face value and doesn’t get caught up in other peoples’ drama.

She’s also someone who really cares for her corner of the world by getting involved, listening for the needs of the community and for answering the call of what is needed. She’s the one who will show up with dinner for her sick friend, send a card or call someone who is feeling down, and she’s always up for gathering people together to celebrate life’s passages.

I am so grateful to her for all of the ways she enlivens my life as well as the lives of those she touches.

As we arrive at the holidays, I take my lessons from her –
show up and participate where you are
listen for the needs of community and answer the call
don’t take things personally
oh, and throw in a touch of celebration to make life fun!

Thanks Mom for this great recipe for life! I love you!!