Dog Walk Diaries #5: Find your Adventure

They lift their wet black noses to sniff for adventure. Is there a coyote out there, a rabbit? Where’s the deer that left droppings? What new path can I take?

They’re always finding something along the way  -  a skull of some unknown animal, a set of teeth, sometimes they find snacks. You know, the doggie snacks that make us all say “EEEwwwww.”

Their wild abandon reminds me that life IS an adventure. They remind me to say “YES” and to explore something new – find a new trail, stop and look at what’s around me, pause to see if there are any magical clues to the questions I’m asking right now. They remind me that life is about fun and play.

The book Sidewalk Oracles, by Robert Moss, speaks of the magic of life, the synchronicities and how the spirit world is working with us all of the time. We simply have to stay open and alert. This book came to me because of an amazing magical encounter of re-meeting a friend from 15 years ago at a painting workshop last Fall. She just mentioned this book and my soul said, "Read THAT!"

Robert Moss reminds us to soften our (ego) grip on life and to "read" the signs like the Shamans and the wise ones do. When I drop into the flow of the mystery and let go of my rigid ideas of “how I think things should be,” or “how I want things to be,” (ego) I notice I am SO much happier. I notice that everything seems easier and I’m no longer banging my head against a wall to “try to make something happen.” I begin to FLOW with life and what it has in store for me.

The biggest clue is to stay true to my own happiness. DO what makes me feel happy and joyful.

So, I rely on the dogs to remind me of this….in those moments when I forget!

When I get too serious, or get sucked back into my rigid ways of thinking “No, I HAVE to do this NOW,” Benji or Zara comes along with a ball in his or her mouth to tell me it’s time to play, to get out there and find a new perspective.

I hope you have a fun filled day. Let me know what you find out there on your adventures!