You're a Vegetarian, Right?

“You’re a vegetarian, right?”
I'm asked this question often as a yoga teacher.

After all, it’s practically in the doctrine of the yoga world – that we should all be vegetarians.
“Do no harm. Don’t kill.”

I get it.
I’ve tried.
And I’ve withered on the vegan diet.

So, the answer is a big “No!”
I love meat. I feel best eating ribeye and tenderloins sautéed in some bacon fat. And now that Bone Broth is in, I’m in carnivore heaven!

Philosophically, I’m in complete accord with the Vegans. I WISH I could be a vegan. I don’t want to kill any other sentient being to survive. But when I listen to how I FEEL when I eat a vegan diet, I notice I don’t thrive.

I lack energy.
I’m lethargic.

I know, if you're a Vegan, you might be saying, "Well, you just haven't found the right combo of food. Or perhaps your not taking enough B-12." I’ve had a number of born-again-Vegans proselytize that anyone can be a vegan, and in my own experiment I know this to not be true. I've been experimenting for over 20 years with diet, and I know a few things now.

I need the flesh!
I need the high fat.
My body does a little happy dance when the bacon is sizzling on the stove.

I used to feel guilty about it - that somehow I just “wasn’t a good enough yogi” if I couldn’t grock being a vegetarian.

But yoga is about bringing body, mind and heart into union. If your body is withering because the diet you’re eating isn’t helping you thrive, then a third of the trinity is missing.

The yogic way is to find the right balance for you. Each of us is different, with different needs and different ancestral roots. There IS NO one perfect diet for all.

So, I say, listen deeply within. How do you FEEL when you eat what you eat? For that matter, ask the same questions when ingesting anything from the outside world into your inner world.

How do you feel when you hang out with certain people?
At your job?
In your family?
Pay attention to what you allow into your inner sphere and the impact of that energy.

This is the path of learning to tune into our own inner wisdom and to trust what is true for us. What is true for you most likely won't be true for your friends, family or partners. Only we can know what we need, and the answers lie within.  

In my own acceptance of my love of meat AND vegetables, I offer you this new delight I concocted, called: 

Vegetarian Carnivore’s Delight:
1 head of broccoli – chopped into small pieces
3 strips of bacon – cooked to crispy and chopped up
½ a yellow onion – chopped
¼ cup of bone broth (or bouillon)
Pinch of ginger

In a pan cook your bacon until it’s crispy – set aside and crumble. Pour out some of the bacon grease, but leave some and saute your onion. Add in your chopped up broccoli and saute. Add in your pinch of ginger. Then add in the ¼ cup of bone broth to steam the broccoli a bit. Cook to your preferred texture – crispy or more fully cooked. Sprinkle the bacon bits over the broccoli. Serve right away!