Creative play is a magical way to enter your own inner kingdom – one especially created for you, by you.
Through the act of creative play, you engage in an intimate relationship with your Self and nourish the inner child
who makes things for the sheer enjoyment of the process.

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Finding the Magic: Art Journaling

Do you long to connect to yourself more deeply?
Are you curious about making art, but need some support?

In this workshop, Finding the Magic, you will learn art journaling techniques that will inspire you to play in your journal on a regular basis.

You'll discover your unique ways of making marks, what shapes your drawn to, and what colors you love, and how all of this reflects who you are. You'll get to play, like you were a kid, and nourish yourself through the creative process.

Art journaling's power comes through the combination of self-reflection married with the magic of color, lines and shape. By making marks on a page, we learn a lot about ourselves, how we work, where we judge ourselves, why we judge ourselves. Through practice we foster self-compassion and self-love for whatever shows up on the page.

This workshop is one step towards actualizing more self-Love through a whole lot of play!
This workshop is for all levels. Bring your open heart and an adventurous spirit.

How it works:

Host an Art Journaling Party in Your home and the host/hostess receives the class for free.
6-10 people plus you

$55 per person

Bring: a journal and any favorite art tools.
An apron if you're messy, or wear clothes you can get messy!
The rest will be there for you!