Why go to India?

“Why India? Why do we need to go to India?” a friend asked a few days after my return from the magical Motherland.

“Good question! India wakes me up out of my comfortable Western slumber. Being there helps me question my assumptions about life. It is the country that stirs my inner life more than any other, just by being there and seeing daily life, smelling the scent of jasmine mixed in with the smell of rotting garbage, or seeing the opulent art and temples with the contrast of beggars looking for their next meal.

India stirs the heart.
It enlivens all of the senses.
It asks us to see differently and to feel a new sense of time, place and presence.


The Heart of Presence

Northern India: October 22 - November 6th, 2018

Southern India: January 28 - February 12, 2019
(12 spots available)

If you’re ready to be touched by this magical land, I’d love to be your guide along with Mela Joy, Founder of Touch of Spirit Tours. 

We will spend 2 amazing weeks in Northern India starting each day with some yoga to wake up the body. Then we’ll visit temples, sacred sites, learn a bit about Ayurveda, and have some time to roam around. To ground our daily experience, we will do some creative practices in the evening in order to metabolize the day’s experience.

For the full details of either (North and South) itinerary, pricing and to register, go to Touch of Spirit Tours and check it out. You can also email me with any questions. diane@ibelove.com.

photos by Diane Sherman