Do you want to connect to more of the magic in life?

Do you long for some guidance along life's journey?

Do you want to make your days a bit more sacred?

Then these inspiration cards are for you! They were created to bring more fun, connection and intention into our lives. The mini-card design makes them easily portable and awesome for travel. 

Original Art by Diane

All of the art on these cards is original art pulled from paintings or my art journals. I believe beauty is a key element that feeds our souls.

How to use your iBelove Inspiration Cards

Pull a card a day. One of the simplest ways to use your cards is to pull a card at the beginning of your day and read the reflection and question associated with that card. You might place the card on your desk, altar, mirror or even in your pocket for the day. When you pull the card, even if it doesn’t necessarily seem like it’s “the one” you might want, let the word and reflection simmer in you and see if it speaks to you throughout the day.

Pull a card and pass it on. Another way to work with the iBelove Inspiration Cards is to pull a card and to hold onto it for a while until you feel you’ve “gotten” that lesson. Then carry it with you until you run into the person who it is meant for. Then pass it to them when the opportunity arises. In this way we begin to open ourselves to listen more deeply to the people in our lives and what they feel and need. Notice how it feels to pass on your deck slowly and steadily as an offering.


Each of the 49 cards is 3 inches by 1 inch wide. The Organza bags are 4 X 6 inches large.

Add a set of Inspiration Cards to your Self-Love Accouterments today!

Inspiration cards
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