Do you find it challenging to GET to your yoga practice?
Wouldn’t it be fabulous if the yoga class you went to was designed for YOU?
And what if you could just roll out of bed, set out your mat and have yoga in your living room?

Well, you can!

My specialty is designing yoga for small groups of people to support their needs. With 17 years of teaching experience, and having recovered from a massive car accident (using yoga as my means), I have the tools and skills to support you in a healthy yoga practice.

Get a group together!
The idea of these sessions is for people to work with their own friends and family. That way you're building healthy habits together. If you're interested in forming a group, email me at Your investment will be half the fee listed if you gather a group of six!


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Spring Renewal
from 180.00

$360 for 6 weeks, twice a week
Please download for the video conferencing.

$180 for 6 weeks, once a week

Refund Policy: No refunds unless your spot is filled.

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Spring Renewal

Yoga to rejuvenate and restore healthy living
April 2 - May 11th
Investment: $360

Spring is the natural time to clean out, and that includes our bodies. This 6-week Spring Renewal practice will focus on using your yoga to support Liver and Gallbladder balance with a combination of gentle strength building and yin yoga.

o   Support to GET yourself to do yoga at home

o   20 minute, online personal check in before we begin

o   Two 45-minute Yoga Sessions each week

o   Intimate group (max 6 people)

o   Personal attention for your yoga needs

o   Facebook Chat Group:seasonal information, poetry, recipes

o   Technology: as the video conferencing tool.
      (It’s FREE and super easy.)