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Synchronous = Simultaneous

Synchronous Yoga brings yoga classes to you in your living room, while I teach you from my home studio using a video conferencing platform called ZOOM. You are part of a small collective and I lead you through seasonal practices. Some people might be in England, others in The Netherlands, while others in California.

Synchronous Yoga offers so many advantages….

  • You can roll out of bed and be on your mat in 5 minutes, avoiding traffic, no need for baby-sitters, or to even take a shower.

  • Classes are tailored to the group’s needs, and if/when those needs change within a season, I can modify to meet the groups evolving needs given my 18 years of teaching experience.

  • Classes run 6 weeks during each season, so you have time to work on your practice and then take a break from class and practice on your own.

  • Every class is recorded and uploaded to a closed Facebook Group, of which you are invited to join.
    The FB Group allows continued connection with classmates in other places.

  • With my years of teaching experience, I’m able to offer verbal adjustments online that are the next best thing to physical yoga adjustments.

January Jump Start 2019
from 240.00

Starts the week of January 7th

Please download zoom.us for the video conferencing.

$480 for 8 weeks, 16 classes

$240 for 8 weeks, 8 classes

Refund Policy:

No refunds unless your spot is filled, no price reductions for classes missed.

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How it works

o   You join an existing group or you can bring together a group          of people who want to practice with me.

o   New groups and clients begin with a Zoom call to get set up.

o   Each week offers two 50-minute Yoga Sessions

o   Intimate group of maximum 6 people

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Class Times: Starts January

Wednesdays/Fridays     7:30 am (starts January 9th)

Thursdays                        5:00 pm  (starts January 10th)