Love Birds 36X36" SOLD (prints available)

Divine Touch small.jpg
Divine Touch small.jpg

Love Birds 36X36" SOLD (prints available)


This painting is available as a reproduction only either on stretched canvas or paper. The original is claimed.

My painting process dances between setting intention and allowing an organic process to inform what emerges in my paintings. It is the biggest lesson of my own life – how to balance the “trying” with the “letting go and surrender.” Each painting has many layers beneath the surface, just like human beings. We are all deep, complex beings with many stories. That’s how I think of my paintings.

Love birds was created in a painting workshop with my teacher Flora Bowley. I struggled so much with this painting, trying to “make” it something for days. It has a lotus flower underneath all of the orange and white paint – a lower that just looked, well, bad. The birds weren’t even there in my mind until on the final day of the workshop, I completely let go into not caring what happened.

I put out a bunch of orange, gold, yellow and white paint and started finger painting over the lotus flower on the bottom half of the painting. You can see some green peeking through the white and orange….and slowly, as I was dancing and finger painting (and by the way, having a blast!) I saw the birds emerge at the top and the quality of the paint below them felt rich and thick and happy.

The love birds emerged on their own. Literally, like they appeared. The whole painting felt like a gift. I find the resonance of this painting is one of pure delight. It has a tenderness and a sense of fun, while being elegant in it’s simple line work of the birds.


36 X 36 inches
Acrylic on Canvas
Original Sold


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