Walkabout - poetry book
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Here's one my favorite poems in the book:


I’m supposed to get my period
today, according to my iPhone
period tracker. All indicators on target,
tender breasts, irritable, the doom and gloom
chemical cocktail, a tsunami of tears. It all
slams up my husband's shore, hits broadside,
a tidal wave he has no idea how to ride.
Belly flat on board, arms flail, he paddles
hard, tries to stand, the white cap on his
heels, so close he yells over the roar.
He tells me it isn't so, reality kaleidoscoped
in a fun house, chemicals gone array.

Who IS this person in front of him
this ragdoll heap, snot blowing 40-something
woman? He wants to snap me back to normal,
back to calm Caribbean seas, but the swell
is well underway, dangerous undertow.
red lights flash up and down the shore:
Abort, Abort, the siren wails.
Abort, Abort, wait for this to pass.
Say nothing and duck.


 “Walkabout” by Diane Juliette Sherman offers original works intended to inspire others to look deeply within for answers to the most important questions

SPOKANE, Wash. – “Walkabout” (ISBN 0615482457), a collection of original poems by Diane Juliette Sherman, is a heartfelt homage to life lived without borders. Intended to inspire readers to reconsider their own limitations and unexplored avenues, the collection reveals Sherman’s life experiences in verse.

With a title inspired by the ritual of wandering solitude that young Aboriginal men make as an initiation into adulthood, the collection focuses on the theme of finding one’s way through the dark moments of life and coming out the other side as a more whole, integrated human being. “I stroll through campus, Wordsworth tucked under my arm, rust-colored leaves dangle on dry branches," Sherman writes in the title poem, recalling the innocence and curiosity of her college years. Featuring vivid, personal memories and lyrical presentations, the poems transport readers through Sherman’s eventful past.

“We are often told to follow rules, regurgitate already chewed on answers, and buck up and follow along,” Sherman says. “How do we find our true passion, our true calling, unless we listen deeply within? This book is an offering from my own curvy path: challenging initiations, the feeling of being lost with no oars on a stormy ocean, obstacles to tackle along the way and ultimately the transformative power of maturation through life's trials.” 

Intended to entertain and inspire, the collection is filled with detailed images recalling pivotal and pedestrian moments in Sherman’s life. Featuring previously unpublished works, the book offers a definitive statement on Sherman’s perspective as an artist.