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Spring Postcard 2016

Spring Postcard 2016

Would you like to stay in better touch with your friends and family?
Would you enjoy getting a personal note in the mail, not just junk mail?
Perhaps you’d like to feel more love in your life?

By sending out seasonal postcards, you’ll stay in better touch with your friends and family.
You’ll be generating more love in your relationships, because people will know you are thinking about them.
And you’ll start to feel more love in your own life by the very act of sending the cards!

It’s easy, fun and I guarantee you'll feel more love in your life, just by sending the cards!


Here's what happens when you sign up:

It's easy: You'll get 10 postcards with original art created for each season, delivered to you four times a year.
It's fun: Imagine how much love you'll be generating in your circles, and how good you'll feel connecting with your peeps?
It's affordable: Just $25 to get original art on postcards made for you to spread the love!

Why wait? Do it now and connect with your people!

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