What People are saying about Synchronous Yoga!

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My favorite yoga teacher of all time, Diane Sherman, is now able to teach live, personalized, interactive yoga classes across the world thanks to the internet.

I love being able to take a class from my own home, and interact with Diane and my 4 other classmates almost like we are in the same room. If it’s a nice day, I take my practice outside.  I have also done classes from vacation locations. I usually use my smartphone. If there is internet or data connection, I’m in class.

I have no excuse  to miss a yoga practice!

Classes are also recorded and posted to a private FB group, so I can always “retake” a class on another day, or during breaks between 6 week sessions.

--Wendy, San Leandro, CA

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I've done some yoga before I started doing the Synchronous yoga with Diane, and to me this is the best way. It's like having Diane with you in class!

Even though our yoga group consists of people on different continents, Diane has the ability to adjust and correct our positions and also important, motivate and coach us.

The convenience of doing yoga from your own home is amazing; you don't need to get out of the house to go to a yoga studio, you just have to roll out your mat, get online and connect.

What's also special about Diane's classes, is that she adjusts the yoga practice to the seasons and to the needs of the group; she always checks in with all of us before we start, to check if there's any special requests. During the practice she shares her amazing knowledge about yoga and some beautiful poetry. 

Last, but certainly not least, the group of people in our yoga group have become a yoga tribe in its own: we've connected via yoga, this wonderful use of technology and most certainly because of Diane! 

 - Natasja, Benekom, The Netherlands

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I have tried some yoga before and taken a few classes at work. It  never really worked for me, and I always found a reason not to do it.

Synchronous yoga offers something unique to me: The opportunity to practice in my house with my wife and dog, at the same time with my brother and sister-in-law who live in another country and with a new found yoga friend in yet another country. 

The small group we have really creates a communal energy to practice together and this has helped keep me motivated as I sometimes need a little kick to keep going (These sessions tend to be the most rewarding I find - yet I still need the kick.)

As we have progressed from Autumn through Winter and now into Spring it is amazing to see and feel how far we have come as a group and also as individuals as we move onward with our practice.

I would highly recommend this to all.

 - Mike, Benekom, The Netherlands

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Online yoga is the KEY to my yoga practice. It is so EASY to walk into the living room and set up for my morning practice with my favorite yoga teacher- Diane! 

Sadly, she moved away from the Bay Area and I have yet to find a teacher that I like as much here. What a gift that she now offers her classes online. The next best thing to her being here!

Very little motivation needed to have your class right in your own home. LOVE it!

It's kind off crazy bit somehow Diane is able to see me online and adjust me in much the same way as in person. She makes verbal adjustments to maximize the poses and to avoid injury. I feel so SEEN and SUPPORTED by Diane.  

More so in this online class than in most in person classes, in my experience. 

- Kit, Pt. Richmond, CA

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I started my yoga practice with Diane 12 years ago and was very sad when she moved out of the area. So when she approached me years later with the idea of creating a online yoga class I was intrigued.

After finishing the first six-week session I did not hesitate to sign-up for the next one because it has been a fantastic experience. There have been so many benefits.

Not only do I get to work with my favorite teacher, but I don't have to deal with traffic and parking hassles of attending class in the area in which I live. There are a few other students in our virtual class and we have become a warm and supportive collective.

Diane videotapes and posts each session so we can use it as guidance throughout the week. She also posts her poems and some recipes and is available to answer any questions through our private Facebook page.

Before the online session started Diane spent some time with each of us individually to find the perfect space in our homes to practice. She helped us set up the computer in a way that she can see our body placement. This attention to detail allows her to suggest modifications and make adjustments real time to our poses.

Diane is by far my favorite yoga teacher and I am so grateful to continue my practice with her in a virtual setting.

- Ellen, Oakland, CA