YIN YOGA practice for your summer!

Enjoy this 45 minute YIN YOGA practice to do at home or on the road. Click the MP3 below and you can see the PDF with the poses for you to follow along. (Sound starts in after about 7 seconds!)

Music by Todd Milne, of Milne Sound, Photography by Jess Asien. I hope you enjoy the Yin Yoga as much as I do!

Photography by Jess Asien

Photography by Jess Asien

What IS Yin Yoga and What does it do?

I've practiced and taught yin yoga for 10 years, and I see the incredible value this practice offers because it is immediately accessible to the beginning yoga student as well as deeply satisfying for the seasoned yogi.

Yin yoga focuses on the deep connective tissues - the ligaments, tendons and fascia. While practicing we hold poses between one and five minutes, opening various parts of the body while inviting chi to flow throughout the energetic body. We are literally placing pressure along the meridian lines that connect to the organs in our bodies, which has the effect of stimulating pranic flow.

At the end of a yin yoga practice, people often feel like they've just had a massage, the body is relaxed, the mind has settled a bit and usually there is a feeling of vitality and aliveness.

Students tell me they sleep better at night, their minds are calmer, they feel more flexible with regular practice.

More Poses in the gallery below:

Below is a gallery of some of the poses we do in yin yoga. Each pose has a different effect on the body and on the meridian lines that connect to the organs in our bodies. Here's a sampling of the poses so you get an idea of what Yin Yoga is like.